Russia, 1994. Socialism has already been destroyed. Capitalism has not yet arrived.

An unknown mathematician, Sergei Mamontov, announces the creation of the 'MMM' company, printing and selling his own shares, which he calls the "notes."

These "notes" are traded on a simple principle: "they are always more expensive today, than they were yesterday." Across the country, millions of ordinary citizens begin using these MMM notes, alongside rubles and dollars.

Six months after the establishment of MMM, the company is in control of 50 to 70 billion dollars, and has the potential to bring down the Russian government.

Based on a true story, this epic feature film traces the rise and fall of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the world.

The film was released in Russia by UNIVERSAL PICTURES INTERNATIONAL on Apr 7, 2011.

SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD  at the WorldFest Houston, International Film Festival 2012.


at the WorldFest Houston, International Film Festival 2012.

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